In this world no one can give you health, happiness and wisdom, you have to achieve it. Yoga is one of the best ways to achieve it.

-Yogacharya Dr. Sushil

From time to time our developers, or in this case, one of our founders, creates something they really wish to complete and share without monetary gain. This project is one of those...Patanjali is a Linux-based version of Raja Yoga, a system of yoga that starts with the mind rather than the body. It is to be gradually understood over a period of time by reading through successive "sutras", or verses, that create mental references to abstract states of mind. According to this system of thought, as these states of mind are recognized, it gradually leads to increased liberation, and therefore to greater enlightenment.

The greatest classical text from the yoga school of Indian philosophy are the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, thought to have been written in the second century BC. The threads are very concise, and outline with precision the main points. Yoga practice is considered complementary to the Sankhya philosophy, the goal being the "realization" in Spirit.

This psychological method of liberation is called "Raja" or "royal" yoga; "The Kingly Science of the Soul"; the 'Eight Steps' may be listed as follows:

1. Restraint: nonviolence, truthfulness, etc.
2. Observance: contentment, discipline, self-study, surrender.
3. Posture.
4. Breath control.
5. Subjugation of the senses.
6. Awareness.
7. Focus.
8. Contemplation.


Version 1.0, by Stuart Trusty


Patanjali is Free software released under the GNU General Public License, also known as Copyleft. Translation from Sanksrit used with publisher permission. Code modified from public domain source by Richard Cepas.


  • Linux (or PalmOS w/ TealDoc)
  • Patience
  • Open Mind



You should have read through the sutras in their entirety at least once before attempting to benefit by the random display of sutras, such as each time a shell is spawned. However, reading them through once will take time, and requires acclimation to several Sanksrit words and concepts.

It is not important to "swallow whole" each sutra as an absolute truth; the goal should be to allow each sutra to leave its impression, stage by stage, and to clear your mind.

There are a number of commentaries on the Sutras that will help in further understanding; these are among the links above in "references."



  • <number> - specify number of verse(s) to display
  • all - display all file at once
  • help - help info


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Patanjali - Debian DPKG

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