"starter" cluster packages
"starter" cluster packages

Linux Labs, is currently offering "starter" cluster packages as an introduction to the many applications of HPC and clustering technologies.

We pioneered Commercial LinuxBIOS technology for clusters and supercomputers and are committed to continuing our leading edge development work in this and other areas of cluster applications. With our "starter" packages, you can begin your own projects with the help and support of Linux Labs.

Linux Labs NimbusOS "starter" cluster packages includes a dual AMD platform.

Each "starter" cluster package includes 3 dual CPU nodes for 6 total CPUs. All nodes contain 1G of RAM and 40GB IDE hard drive. The master node also has a combination CD-ROM/floppy drive. Monitor, keyboard & mouse and an 8-port switch with cables complete your cluster.

All nodes are configured and tested, with NimbusOS installed prior to shipping. Your system is pre-loaded with Linux Labs' NimbusOS software, cluster distribution developed in coordination with Los Alamos National Labs' "Clustermatic" and is code compatible with all bproc-based systems.

Your Linux Labs' "starter" cluster package is scalable and expandable.

To purchase a Linux Labs "starter" cluster package, click here to submit your inquiry and a Linux Labs representative will contact you. Or if you prefer, email us at info@linuxlabs.com or call us at 866-824-9737.